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61st Year Of Little League in Manasquan and Brielle 

UPDATE:  Congratulations to the Manasquan/Brielle/Wall/Spring Lake Heights Senior Girls Softball all-star team, which won the State Championship. The team advances to the Regional Tournament in Worcester, MA. Game scores/schedule:  July 27: MBLL 2 - Maryland 0. July 28: MBLL v. Delaware @ 5 pm.

For more information about the Regional Tournament, including game scores and team standings, please visit the website:


There will be a fundraiser to help defray travel costs to the tournament on Mon. Aug. 11 from 7 pm to 11 pm at the Parker House, 1st Ave. & Beacon Blvd. in Sea Girt. Tickets are $20. For information, please call (732) 233-7816 or e-mail coach.mahoney@gmail.com.


Congratulations to Girls Majors champion (Texas) and Girls Minors champion (North Carolina)


Congratulations to Boys Majors champion - the Reds


Congratulations to Boys Minors champion - the RiverCats - which finished the season with a record of 17 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie


Boys 12- & 11-year-old all-star team:  Art Foreman (Mgr.) & Alberto Galvan and Rich Butz (Coaches). Players: Jason Arnott, Patrick Bilello, Joseph Bunt, Owen Butz, Jack Collins, Sean Dugan, John Foreman, Alex Galvan, Declan Hoverter, Matt Liggett, Michael Maguire, Tim McEneny, Ryan O'Keefe, and Rashid Tuddles. Game Scores: SWLL 4 - MBLL 2; MBLL 9 - NWLL 4; MBLL 19 - NHLL 2; MBLL 12 - HSLL 11; OTLL 10 - MBLL 2; MBLL 10 - NLL 5; MBLL 15 - SWLL 4; OTLL 11 - MBLL 5 (Record 5-3).

Boys MIT Tournament Team (11- and 12-year-olds):  Rob Wells (Mgr.) & John Driscoll, Paul Battaglia, and Chris Sawitsky (Coaches). Players: Robert Arnold, Joseph Battaglia, Jake Brown, Jack Cunningham, Matthew Driscoll, Matthew McCann, Charlie Sawitsky, Stephen Speicher, Cameron Teza, Tanner Toole, Griffin Veazey, and Trevor Wells. Location: Manchester Little League, 2425 Ridgeway Road, Manchester, NJ. Game Scores: MBLL 20 - Lakewood 0; MBLL 18 - Manchester 3; MBLL 14 - Manchester 2; MBLL 21 - Lakewood 0; Holbrook 7 - MBLL 6 (Record 4-1).

Boys 10- & 9-year-old all-star team:  Jim Bilello (Mgr.) & Steve Antonucci and Dave Deegan (Coaches). Players: Michael Antonucci, Ryan Bilello, Ryan Deegan, Ryan Dettlinger, Nicholas Galvan, William Geiger, Matthew Gowen, Daniel Liggett, Gavin Meseroll, Max Noe, Owen Roberts, Josh Terry, Gavin Tuite, and Patrick Woodford. Game Scores: OLL 13 - MBLL 4; MBLL 5 - SLSG 2; HCLL 17 - MBLL 4; NHLL 13 - MBLL 6 (Record 1-3).

Boys 9-year-old all-star team: Tom Runge (Mgr.) & Matt Toole and Mike Condon (Coaches). Players: Ethan Bunt, Cullen Condon, James Cosgrove, Jake Edwards, Joey Franklin, Ryan Maguire, Liam McHugh, Michael Presbrey, Brendan Rahill-Shaughnessy, Christopher Runge, Daniel Speicher, Trent Toole, and Aaron Van Trease. Location: Howell Central Little League, 303 Old Tavern Road, Howell, NJ 07731. Game Scores: HCLL 6 - MBLL 3; MBLL 15 - SWLL 1; MBLL 17 - NWLL 7; NHLL 12 - MBLL 4 (Record 2-2).

Boys 8-year-old all-star team: Paul Battaglia (Mgr.) & Matt Koenig and Bill McManus (Coaches). Players: Jackson Battaglia, Nick Bounassi, Tyler Collinson, Tristin Condon, Billy Cosgrove, Frank Furfaro, Matt Koenig, Daniel McManus, Ryan Mulvaney, Luke Ramire, RobThomas Runge, and Teddy Sawitzky. Game Scores: NWLL 7 - MBLL 1; MBLL 22 - SLHLL 4; HSLL 12 - MBLL 0; NLL 14 - MBLL 7 (Record 1-3)

Girls Senior Softball:  John Schultz (Mgr.) & Jeff Kniffin & Mike Milza (Coaches). Players: Taylor Schultz, Victoria Mahoney, Emily Burtnick, Courtney Mahoney, Phoebe Mervine, Erin Nolan, Kim Sorg, Hannah Kniffin, Brianna Murdoch, Brianne Milza, Camryn McTighe, Jessica Collinson, Grace McNamara, and Kennedy Kologi. The team won 3 games in the Section 3 Tournament, defeating West Trenton (11-1) and Middletown twice (6-5 and 2-1). The team advanced to the State Tournament and, having defeated Elmer (13-1) and Monroe (9-3), have advanced to the State Championship game, where they lost their first game to Parsippany/Troy Hills by a 3-0 score but then rebounded to win the State Championship on July 22, defeating Parsippany/Troy Hills 12-10 in a come-from-behind win. The team now advances to the Little League Regional Tournament in Worchester, MA, where MBLL will play Maryland on Sun. July 27.

Girls Junior Softball:  Darrell Falkinburg (Mgr.) and Joy Magnabousco (Coach). Players: Arielle Falkinburg, Mikayla Keating, Jen McCaffrey, Caitlin Bowen, Claire Connelly, Serena Sinisi, Paige Sierra, Payton Sierra, Casey Steppe, Kristen Campbell, and Rachel Czermak. This team went undefeated against all of the Girls Junior teams in District 11 and two Senior teams. The team's 11-0 record secured the District 11 Championship and advanced us to the Section 3 Tournament in Lincroft. Although the team lost the final two games to Manchester, we are proud of their achievements.

Girls 11/12-year-old all-star team: Tom Bovino (Mgr.) & Matt Herrmann, JD Devereux, and Paul Nolan (Coaches). Players: Jane Antonucci, Haley Bovino, Samantha Caccavale, Lauren Cali, Lauren Dettlinger, Sara Devereux, Ashley Hawes, Alexandra Herrmann, Mary Kate Kinneally, Morgan Muly, Christin Nolan, Paige Reichey, and Elise Schmieder. Game Scores: SLH 6 - MBLL 4; MBLL 13 - PPB 3; OTLL 9 - MBLL 8 (Record 1-2).

Girls 10-year-old all-star team: Gary Ramire (Mgr.) & Phil Priest and Andrew Caccamise (Coaches). Players: Kiley Amadio, Ginger Brown, Emily Caccamise, Katie Dingler, Haley Griffith, Hayden Harmstead, Sydney Harmstead, Molly Honeker, Kayla Myklebust, Grace Price, Megan Priest, and McKenzie Ramire. Game Scores: MBLL 19 - PPB 1; OLL 10 - MBLL 0; SLH 14 - MBLL 7 (Record 1-2).


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